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Robo Advisor Coin in three words: AI, cryptocurrency, and blockchain.
Since 2013 our team is working to create the most advanced and reliable technology to make forecasts on securities. Furthermore, we are working on the first world Robo Advisor offering daily forecasts and stats on crypto currencies and tokens.
RAC will be the first provider of futures contracts on crypto currencies. Further details on our whitepaper.

Our algorythm has predicted the Brexit market trend

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Talent wins games, teamwork and intelligence win championships
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First Platform release


Virtual Portfolios


RoboAdvisor for everyone

Early 2017

Minimal Viable Product (Self-funded)

Late 2017

Robo Advisor Coin ICO

Milestone 1 - Min Cap

3,000 ETH - 28 RAC: 1 ETH

Milestone 2 - Soft Cap

15,000 ETH - 24 RAC: 1 ETH

Milestone 3 - Hard Cap

100,000 ETH - 18 RAC: 1 ETH

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