17 Nov 2017

Agreement with Swiss based Alternative Investment Project

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After the start of our presale on Nov 15, RoboAdvisorCoin has another important announcement to make. An agreement with a Swiss based project fully focused on crypto currencies investments was reached.


Alternative Investment Fund in Swiss

Starting from next December, this project will apply to get a Swiss authorization to set up an innovative Alternative Investment Fund fully focused on cryptos.

The goal of the Project is to become operational by the second semester of 2018. The timetable or the final results of the authorization process is not under RoboAdvisorCoin control and it is not possible to determine upfront its final effective and concrete results.


Agreement service offer

Once authorized it will offer to its customers:

  • several different options of risk-return combinations of portfolios holding and investing only in crypto currencies and digital assets;
  • the opportunity to invest in well diversified portfolios only holding cryptos.
  • the chance to target investors looking for alternative asset classes or willing to have a percentage of their wealth hold in digital currencies;
  • a fully Robot’s driven strategy, guaranteeing a real competitive advantage.


Project objective

The Project aims to generate extra-returns, Alphas, in the crypto currencies asset class exploiting RAC unique forecasting and statistical services.