06 Sep 2017

Aidos Kuneen according to the Robot can still grow

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SelfieWealth’s artificial intelligence now offers daily predictions on the price prospective of around 860 crypto currencies and tokens. It is the first service in the Robo-Advisor world that is linked to crypto assets, has been launched on August 14 th
and offers the possibility of carrying out the first verifications.
Today’s suggested token is Aidos Kuneen (ADK.CRY), which has carried out a double-digit growth: +68,48% in the past month. The company is focalized in the realization of a technology for decentralized services and applications in the privacy
and security sector to render the effected exchanges totally anonymous and has a probability of growth in the short term that is still elevated and equal to 58,49% that signals how the growth movement does not need to be considered over.