08 Jan 2018

AION is gaining also today and is still a buy

Ethbits close to 5$ near 150% return forecasted by our Robot

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The market of the crypto currencies is recording a correction being total market cap approaching 760 bln$. Crypto unicorns are now 43, an amazing number.
Today RAC, the first robo-advisor exclusively dedicated to the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets has officially closed its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), can record and underline the impressive gains achieved by the token suggested just a few days ago.
There is talk of AION. Our robot is still long on this cryptocurrency and suggests a buy: today, in a downward oriented market, it is gaining 3.5%. AION (AION.CRY) has a strong probability of upside equal to 59.05% and reached now a market cap of  600mln$ (on Dec 24,2017 the market cap amounted to 235mln $) after a gain of 227% achieved during the last month. It is a multi-tier blockchain platform willing to solve still open problems related to interoperability, privacy and scalability in blockchain networks.
The AION token is the primary currency of the AION network and is required for interactions within the network such as the creation of new blockchains. They are also needed in order to monetize inter-chain bridges, and secure the overall network.

Will AION be the next unicorn?

According to our robot’s predictions, the new target price is now 11.9$.  AION has a very strong chance to become a crypto unicorn. It is also important to remember that RAC suggested this cryptocurrency for the first time back last summer and several times during last month.

 +140% for another underdog

RoboAdvisorCoin artificial intelligence system  likes also Ethbits (ETBS.CRY): suggested just few days ago when its price was at 2$. Our Robot was forecasting a possible return above 100% for this crypto that has gained 140% since our crypto news discovered it.  RAC target price is still 5$ being today’s market price 4.80$.