25 Oct 2017

Bitcoin according to the Robot will fly over 6000$ shortly

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ZenCash signaled yesterday +12,5% in one day

¬†RoboAdvisorCoin, which has just launched its ICO, continues to suggest remaining long on Bitcoin again today after that the most exchanged crypto in the world has surpassed the 6.000$ threshold, scoring a new price record. According to the Robot, in fact, its probability of growth in the next four weeks remains elevated and confirms its target in thirty days around 6.900/7.000$. But Ethereum also remains under the Robot’s radar, the second crypto for market capitalization, confirming the bullish setting of the entire crypto currencies compartment.
Bitcoin (BTC.CRY) with a probability of upside of 66,85% in the past week has respected the growth indications of our Robot that has been long for various weeks on the crypto. According to RoboAdvisorCoin, however, the Bitcoin’s probability of growth remains interesting and equal to 56,04% (a slight decrease with respect to the previous 57,3%) of gaining again in double digits in the short term. The eventual confirmation of the growth movement of the most exchanged crypto in the world would translate into an increasing attention towards the crypto asset class by the international investors ad for this reason represents a statistic that goes beyond the dynamics of the Bitcoin alone.
According to the Robot, the second principal crypto for market cap, Ethereum (ETH.CRY), remains intoned towards growth, despite its non-optimal performances in the past sessions: -11,64% and +19,02, respectively, in the past week and in the past month. Its probability of upside in the short term is now equal to 54,52% (in line with the previous 54,48%) but the RoboAdvisorCoin assigns it an expected potential return in a month that is better than the Bitcoin’s and equal to 22,45%.