06 Nov 2017

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are the market setters

ZenCash and VeriCoin the two small crypto preferred by the Robot

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A new week for the crypto market has started, which could register some new records, seen as the record threshold of 200bln$ of total market cap has been broken. Especially, it is important to note that both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are well consolidated on their price records, the latter having originated from the original crypto with the split on August 1st, and that both according to the Robot are oriented towards growth in the short term even if with decreasing probability.
Among the small crypto, RoboAdvisorCoin, which has just launched its ICO, again suggests after October 25th, a crypto with an average capitalization that is equal to around 52mln$: ZenCash (ZEN.CRY). The crypto exchanges at around 21,5$.

RAC suggests to also follow the small crypto VeriCoin (VRC.CRY) that was worth 0,45$ and had a market cap 0f 14mln$ the first time the Robot had suggested it a few days ago. VeriCoin’s price has grown to 0,615$ with a gain of 32,9% and the market cap at 18,7mln$. It has been a positive week for another small crypto suggested by the Robot: Aidos Kuneen (ADK.CRY), already suggested by the Robot on October 26th and 19th. The crypto was worth 23$ the first time that it had been signaled by the RAC and now exchanges 32$ with a gain of 39%. The company is focalized on the realization of a technology for decentralized services and applications in the context of privacy and security to render completely anonymous the effectuated exchanges and has a probability of growth in the short term that is still elevated and signals how the growth movement should not be considered over.
RAC continues to suggest remaining long on Bitcoin again today after the important growths that have characterized it.
This is today’s analysis of the first RoboNews dedicated to the crypto currencies and tokens. SteadyWealth’s artificial intelligence now offers its daily predictions on the price perspectives of around 860 crypto currencies and tokens by assigning to each of them a specific expected percentage movement. It is the first Robo-Advisor service in the world that is linked to crypto-assets and has been launched because SteadyWealth retains that this is the best moment to apply the predictive algorithms of its technology to the crypto currencies. To understand better, to have improved info to utilize to decide what to do and to offer predictions and research in the short term that are useful to those interested in trading.
RoboAdvisorCoin (RAC), the first Robo-Advisor exclusively dedicated to the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets has officially opened its Initial Coin Offering (ICO): www.roboadvisorcoin.com  RAC aims at empowering users with accurate real-time forecasts and statistical analyses related to the fast-evolving market of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.