31 Oct 2017

Bitcoin celebrates its birthday with the RAC in the stern

Our Robot suggested it for the first time last August 31st at 4600$

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It’s the birthday for Bitcoin, crypto estimates that the world’s highest market cap is around 103Bln $. And that birthday as the price surpassed the $ 6,000 threshold and now stays firmly at $ 6,200. RoboAdvisorCoin (roboadvisorcoin.com), which has just announced its ICO, Initial Coin Offering, with the abbreviation RAC has signaled for the first time the bullish Bitcoin trend last August 31. At the time, the crypto was priced at $ 4,600 and our Robot assigns him a chance to rise short of 56.28% with a short-term target price of $ 5290.
RAC continued to report Bitcoin as a crypto to target again on October 5, giving it a very good short-term upside probability of 58.19% and again on October 13th. On October 15, the Robot unbalanced a target price of $ 6855 for the middle of November while on October 19 raised its short-term target price forecast by pushing it up to $ 7,000.
Even today RAC continues to suggest that it remains long on Bitcoin to remain a buy for the Robot. For Robot, in fact, it remains a buy and is also slightly improving its probability of upswing in the next four weeks, now equal to 58.87% (yesterday was 58.86%) among the best among all 1200 crypts analyzed daily by RAC. For this reason, our Robot confirms the target at thirty days in the 7,000 / 7200 $ area for Bitcoin.