30 Oct 2017

Bitcoin grinds records and reaches 6200$, but remains the Robot’s best pick

Vertcoin at $ 5: + 66.42% since Robot suggested it four days ago

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RoboAdvisorCoin today still suggests the cryochain Vertcoin.
The best pick of Robot’s four days ago was just the cryptovaluta Vertcoin (VTC) that did not want to stop earning. After the + 15.80% gain of four days ago and + 12% two days ago, yesterday’s crypto had a gain of 12.39%; the crypto that has gained 66.42% since Robot first suggested it last week, for Robot is still a buy.
RoboAdvisorCoin today again recommends the crypto with a capitalization of approximately $ 203 million ($ 134 million when Robot first suggested it last week!).
The performance of the crypto has been remarkable in the last week and now it’s $ 5, but for the Robot the probability of upside short stays among the best and is 56.04%.
Vertcoin is a totally decentralized digital currency that enables peer-to-peer exchanges.
RAC continues to suggest staying long on Bitcoin even today after the world’s most-traded crypto has exceeded the $ 6,000 wallet and points to $ 6,700. For Robot, in fact, its upside probability for the next four weeks is still improving and reached 58.86%, which is the best the best among all 1200 analyzed cryptocurrencies. For this reason, the Robot confirms that Bitcoin focuses on 6.700 / 6800 $ for the next 30 days.
Bitcoin (BTC.CRY) has gained + 61.38% in the last month, respecting the bull signals of our Robot that has been long over several weeks.
For RoboAdvisorCoin, however, there is still an interesting upside probability for Bitcoin, which is 56.81% (slightly up on the previous 56.04%) to double-digit gain in the short run. The eventual confirmation of the bullish movement of the world’s most widely cited crypto would turn into an increasing focus on crypto currency¬† asset class by international investors and for this reason represents a fact that goes beyond the dynamics of Bitcoin alone.
For the Robot, one of the main cryptocurrencies with a market cap of $ 1.66bln $, which was mentioned already on October 25, is still promissing: BitConnect (BCC.CRY): + 10.24% during the last week and + 55.43% during the last month. Its short-term upside potential is 56.28% (slightly better than last week’s 56.03%).