17 Nov 2017

Bitcoin is the winner of the first crypto war. It is back at 7.800$ our Robot target price

RAC “gained” 67,87% in one month on Aidos Kuneen

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The market of the crypto currencies continues to register new records seeing as the 226bln$ total market cap threshold has been reached.
But the important news today is related to the clear victory of Bitcoin on Bitcoin Cash in the first real war for cryptos arena leadership. Last week an organized squad of Bitcoin Cash investors tried to gain market cap leadership for BCH going short on Bitcoin and long on Bitcoin Cash. Using the important amount of Bitcoin in their portfolios they put under unusual pressure Bitcoin’s price increasing the amount for sale of the crypto. Bitcoin price sank rapidly while the same investors where leveraging to buy Bitcoin Cash; the price of the latter crypto increased triple digit in few hours and was approaching 4000$ while Bitcoin price was down to 5600$. The battle for cryptos supremacy was, at that stage, favouring Bitcoin Cash speculators and investors. Hedge funds cavalry, not expected, moved into the battlefield. Professional investors started to buy Bitcoin giving two stong messages to all markets players: first they consider Bitcoin as a real digital Gold, an alternative asset class; second they identy Bitcoin as the crypto mkt leader and they will supporti it whenever they see interesting trading windows. At the end of the first real power battle we can say that cryptos market is far more mature and organized that normal people believes.
RoboAdvisorCoin has signaled for the first time the bullish Bitcoin trend last August 31. At the time, the crypto was priced at $ 4,600 and our Robot assigns him a chance to rise short of 56.28% with a short-term target price of $ 5290.
RAC continued to report Bitcoin as a crypto to target again on October 5, giving it a very good short-term upside probability of 58.19% and again on October 13th. On October 15, the Robot unbalanced a target price of $ 6855 for the middle of November while on October 19 raised its short-term target price forecast by pushing it up to $ 7,000.
Even today RAC continues to suggest that Bitcoin remains a buy for the Robot. For Robot, in fact, it remains a buy and is also slightly improving its probability of upswing in the next four weeks, now equal to 55,83%. For this reason, our Robot confirms the target at thirty days in the 8500/9000 $ area for Bitcoin.
Another great pick for RAC’s artificial intelligence system in the crypto arena for RoboAdvisorCoin, which has just opened its ICO. It is a week that announces to be positive for another small crypto suggested by the Robot: Aidos Kuneen (ADK.CRY), already suggested by the Robot on October 19 and 26 and on November 8. The crypto was worth 23$ the first time it was signaled by the RAC and now exchanges 38,61$ (it was at 31,5$) with a gain of 67,87%. The company is focalized in the realization of a technology for decentralized services and applications in the context of privacy and security to render completely anonymous the effectuated exchanges and has a probability of growth in the short term that is still elevated, which signals how the growth movement should not be considered over. Robot gives a short term probability of upside of 56,81%.
Our Robot signals the Zcash, a crypto suggested last November 1st  has now a lower probability of short term upside. Zcash (ZEC.CRY) – a currency that offers a non public payment system, in the sense that the details in the transactions managed by blockchain are accessible only at certain conditions –  has these characteristics and now capitalizes 763mln$ (up from 700mln$) and has a price of 290$ (again up from 267$).