In order to participate to the RoboAdvisorCoin Ico (Initial Coin Offering), there were several options that were adopted.

The RoboAdvisorCoin Ico started on 24th November 2017. The most straightforward way to participate in the ICO process was to send ETH to the smart contract of the RoboAdvisorCoin ICO. The contact address which managed the ICO was the following one (now the smart contact is closed):


For all the transactions in the period of reference, the smart contract received ETH (Ether cryptocurrency) and sent back to the participants the equivalent change in RAC tokens.

RAC tokens (RoboAdvisorCoin) were design to be utility tokens only.

The alternative way of buying RAC is to send funds to the Bookiedom company account directly. You need to sign the contract and complete our KYC process.

The IBAN is as follows:

IBAN: IT97 P 03069 05061 100000002564                     

Account Holder: TrustMyPhone Srl (controlling Bookiedom Ltd  and )


Currency: EUR

RAC tokens are also listed on the following token exchanges.

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