Thanks to those who participated in the first ICO-phase.

What's next?

RoboAdvisorCoin is a complex platform based on deep-learning neural networks and other modern machine learning models that elaborate several predictions. The system is designed to increase the accuracy of its predictions.
We are working on the second stage of RoboAdvisorCoin ICO that we called RoBET.

RoBET ICO starts on March 20, 2018. Follow us on the brand new website!
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Everybody is getting prepared for the FIFA world cup 2018 and so are we. That is the reason why we opened the RoBET ICO for the development of a smart-contract decentralized, block-chain based ecosystem for sports betting, called RoBET.

Crypto robot-aided betting and services

RoBET’s competitive edge : thanks to the use of artificial intelligence customers are supported in handling risk management, odd evaluation and odd comparison. The platform offers more than just gambling services, enabling users also to create a personal or a shared sportsbook. Each sportsbook will accept bets from players in exchange for cryptocurrencies. The platform will be the first system able to accept RAC Tokens to enable a user to become a bookmaker and accept bets from other users in cryptocurrencies. Moreover, users can choose a cryptocurrency to play and decide weather to receive their winnings in the same or a different cryptocurrency due to its upside potential.

Custom sports advices and more

Moreover, the Team is going to improve the existing RoboAdvisorCoin infrastructure, which already provides accurate and timely forecasts and  personalized news, providing also services in the field of gambling with focus on soccer events. The wide range of robo-betting services will offer: sports predictions, customized statistics, custom sport advices, and machine learning ticket evaluation as well as Beat the Bot services.

Betting was never this fun

The platform will also offer exciting sports skill games such as Sports Roulette and Last Minute Bingo in order to extend the range of betting services. Moreover, in the future there will be available also bets for other sports.

How to join RoBET?

RoBET ICO will open on April 20, 2018 and will finish on May 21,2018. During this period RAC tokens are available exclusively on the RoBET website. All services describe above will be available exclusively in exchange for RAC tokens.

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