20 Nov 2017

Cryptos market cap at 240bln$; INTX is RAC’s small crypto pick today

Diamond reaches 10$ price, it was at 5,49$ when Robot's suggested it

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The market of the crypto currencies continues to register new records seeing as the 239bln$ total market cap threshold has been surpassed.
Another great pick for RAC’s artificial intelligence system in the crypto arena. For RoboAdvisorCoin, which has just opened its ICO, the best crypto pick suggested yesterday by Robot’s daily forecast was Internext (INTX.CRY) a company that owns a proprietary distributed cloud platform. It gained 13% in one day and its short term probability is still good and equal to 58,86%. Robot’s forecasts a potential maximum expected return of 42% within one month. Its mkt cap is around 2mln$.

Diamond (DMD.CRY) was suggested again on November 17 with a probability of upside in the coming month equal to 59,71%; RAC already suggested this crypto the first time on September 6 when the price was 5,49$ and on November 11 when its price was 8,08$. Diamond price is now 10$ it means that the crypto has gained more than 10% since last Robot’s pick and 82,14% since last September’s suggestion. Crypto market cap is now equal to 25,2 mln$ (it was of 22,2 mln$ three days ago).