06 Jan 2018

Ethbits +150% in five days can gain another 100%

Litecoin is back: its target price is now 392$

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RoboAdvisorCoin five days ago suggested a small crypto currency that offers a P2P blockchain system to exchange cryptocurrency with very low fees, just 0.5%. Ethbits (ETBS.CRY) has these characteristics and capitalized around 3mln$
Our cryptoNews wrote:”  in the past month it has gained around 135% but according to the RAC it has a high probability equal to 59.58% of gaining until 100% in the coming weeks. ETBS price is 2$ and has a short term target of 4$.”
Now ETBS price 5$ and its next target is 10$.

When taking in consideration large cap cryptocurrency our Robot is still long on EOS (EOS) that can gain another 43%, and it is again long on NEO (NEO).
Litecoin (LTC)
 is finally moving upward recording a daily increase of 24%.For our Robot it could gain up to 26% in the coming days reaching its peak record of 392$

The number of crypto unicorns records a new entry: Status (SNT) a mobile ethereum based platform with now a market now of 1.024bln$. 2018 begins with 36 crypto that have already reached the status of crypto unicorns having a market cap above 1bln$. Is it possible to have 100 crypto unicorns by the end of the new year? RoboAdvisorCoin has a positive view on this trend and suggests to follow new potental unicorns to look for triple digit or four-digit percentage returns in 2018.

This is today’s analysis of the first RoboNews dedicated to the crypto currencies and tokens. SealfieWealth’s artificial intelligence now offers its daily predictions on the price perspectives of around 1220 crypto currencies and tokens by assigning to each of them a specific expected percentage movement. It is the first Robo-Advisor service in the world that is linked to crypto-assets and has been launched because SealfieWealth retains that this is the best moment to apply the predictive algorithms of its technology to the crypto currencies. To understand better, to have improved info to utilize to decide what to do and to offer predictions and research in the short term that are useful to those interested in trading.
RoboAdvisorCoin (RAC), the first Robo-Advisor exclusively dedicated to the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets has officially closed its Initial Coin Offering (ICO): www.roboadvisorcoin.com  RAC aims at empowering users with accurate real-time forecasts and statistical analyses related to the fast-evolving market of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.
is the next phase of our ICO and will open at the end of January. Stay in touch with us