Thanks to those who participated in the first ICO-phase.

What's next?

RoboAdvisorCoin is a complex platform based on deep-learning neural networks and other modern machine learning models that elaborate several predictions. The system is designed to increase the accuracy of its predictions.
We are working on the second stage of RoboAdvisorCoin ICO that we called RoBET.

RoBET ICO starts on March 20, 2018. Follow us on the brand new website!
Click here to see RoBET

Questions, answers and useful information about RAC

Welcome to our frequently asked questions section. We’ll try to answer all your questions about this project on this page and offer you some useful information. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

When does the ICO start?

The ICO will open on November 24 2017.

How to participate?

We have prepared an ad-hoc guide in the Blog section in order to explain how to participate.

Is there a pre-sale or whitelist?

If you are interested in getting RAC tokens during pre-sale, please contact us at

What happens if there are unsold tokens?

The unsold tokens will be burnt. More precisely:

1) We will generate 4,000,000 RAC.
2) We will allocate (max) 2,000,000 RAC for contributors during the ICO timeframe, while we will keep 2,000,000 RAC for us.
3) At the end of the ICO, in case the Hard Cap is not reached, we will see how many tokens were issued to contributors.
4) Assume that X RAC tokens are issued during the ICO: in that case, we will also keep X tokens for us.
5) The remainder 4,000,000 – 2*X RAC tokens will be burnt.

This ensures that at the end of the ICO, the proportion between the tokens sent to contributors and the tokens kept by the platform will be guaranteed to be 50% and 50%.

What is the minimum or maximum contribution amount?

There is no minimum or maximum contribution amount (no individual cap as well)

When will RAC be listed on exchanges?

We expect RAC to be listed on the major exchanges about 2-4 weeks after the ICO ends. There is no guarantee that the ICO token will be listed on the exchanges we contact, since they are third party entities, but the team will be committed to this task. Pour goal is to have the RAC toke be listed on the exchanges as soon as possible.

Can anyone from U.S. participate in this ICO?

No, It is prohibited to participate in our ICO if you are a citizen or entity that falls under the list as provided by the United Nations Security Council of Designated Individuals and Entities, i.e., any person or entity in the United States or the Republic of Singapore or in any country where such distribution would be contrary to any law or regulation. As clearly stated in the “Terms and Conditions” document, it is responsibility of the user to respect the rule of law.

Do token holders get dividends?

Our token system will not have dividends, however, a voucher systems may be realized in the next future.

Can I send my RAC tokens back and get my ETH?

No. Doing this will result in your RAC token loss.

What is the minimum, soft cap and hard cap?

Minimum is 3,000, Soft Cap is 15,000 ETH, Hard cap is 100,000 ETH.

When will I receive the tokens?

You will receive your tokens immediately once you send your ETH to our smart contract address.

When will you publish your contribution address?

You will see the contribution address if and only if you accept the “Terms and Conditions” during the ICO timeframe.

We will never contact you directly about the token sale or ICO. All details of the ICO can be found on this site – you will be kept updated via email. Be careful, scammers try to trick people into sending their ETH to the wrong address. We will never publish any BTC, LTC or ETH addresses on social media.

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