11 Dec 2017

In 2018 Bitcoin Cash price will overcome Bitcoin’s value

It is the ideal crypto currency to manage high real flows of payments

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Exactly a month ago, last November 12, Bitcoin Cash has caressed the idea of becoming the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world. That day his price touched the record of about 2,500 dollars while the king of the digital coins, Bitcoin, was aiming the 4,000 dollars.
Bitcoin Cash is a spin-off, technically we define a fork, of bitcoin, in the sense that it was born last August 1st as “cloning” of the Queen of digital coins. A Bitcoin Cash has been given free of charge to each bitcoin owner. At the base of the split there is a technological dispute about how to improve the speed of transactions in Bitcoin: the technology adopted by the new Bitcoin is more advanced and performance than that of the original and should facilitate the management, without queues, in the growth of transaction volume. A very important fact to be taken into account in order to foresee the possible trends of the future prices of the two cryptos.
In fact, beyond the repeating records that Bitcoin continues to record, the point of weakness of Bitcoin, which exposes the digital currency to potential significant losses of value, is its “putting out of play” by regulatory interventions aimed at restrict or prohibit its use. For this reason, it is very important that Bitcoin will begin to be accepted as a payment instrument, in parallel with the official currencies, to regulate purchases and transactions. If and when the crypto will be expendable for shopping at the supermarket, fuelling or buying at Ikea, then it will mean that theĀ  of “putting it out of the game” is reduced to light.
In the sense that it would be very difficult for the authorities to decree its non-usability or non-legality having acquired a proven utility for consumers.
Precisely this analysis perspective is the most favorable to explain the possible future raises of Bitcoin Cash price. As a cryptocurrency for payment, i.e. as a digital currency used to manage growing flows of payments, the youngest of Bitcoin is technologically more equipped and better positioned to take advantage of the “transactional” maturity of digital coins. Being as scarce as Bitcoin, as a maximum amount of issued coins, it is likely that the increased future demand for Bitcoin Cash, as a result of its being an optimal payment currency, will translate into the growth of its market price. That’s why the price of Bitcoin Cash is destined to surpass that of Bitcoin. In the hyperdynamic world of Cryptovalute, the changes, even the epochal ones, are more frequent than in other asset classes.