05 Oct 2017

IOP, Internet of People are the small crypto preferred by the Robot

October intoned towards growth for the Bitcoin

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Today the RoboNews dedicated to the crypto again signals a crypto that has moved very well in the past few weeks.
This is the token Internet of the People (IOP.CRY), already signaled as growing on September 26th by the Robot, which has registered +648,45% in the past month and +540,04% in the past week but with a very good probability of seeing the price grow before next month. The crypto is a decentralized platform for payments and apps that is able to operate also on nodes represented by smartphones.
According to the artificial intelligence of the SelfieWealth robot (www.selfiewealth.com) the run of the crypto is not over yet. The predictions in thirty days of the Robot assign it a good probability, equal to 59,71%, that within a month the value of this crypto could make an ulterior double digit growth movement. Today the crypto capitalizes around nine million dollars and exchanges at around 5$ and aims decidedly at an ulterior double digit growth in thirty days that could bring it over 6$.
It is important to follow in the month ofOctober also the queen of the crypto: Bitcoin (BTC.CRY) to which the Robot assigns a probability of growth in the short term of 58,19%. It capitalizes around seventy billion dollars and exchanges at around 4.200$.
The worst crypto because intoned towards a decrease are today, according to the Robot, AlpaCoin (APC.CRY) and VeriumReserve (VRM.CRY).
It is good to remind tahtthe volatility linked to the crypto and tokens is very elevated.
This is today’s analysis of the first RoboNews dedicated to the crypto currencies and tokens. SelfieWealth’s artificial intelligence now offers its daily predictions on the price perspectives of around 860 crypto currencies and tokens by assigning to each of them a specific expected percentage movement. It is the first Robo-Advisor service in the world that is linked to crypto-assets and has been launched because SelfieWealth retains that this is the best moment to apply the predictive algorithms of its technology to the crypto currencies. To understand better, to have improved info to utilize to decide what to do and to offer predictions and research in the short term that are useful to those interested in trading