18 Dec 2017

Link Platform, best Robot small crypto pick, +77% in one day

Crypto's Unicorns are growing and deserve attention

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RoboAdvisorCoin (RAC), the first Robo-Advisor exclusively dedicated to the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets has officially opened its Initial Coin Offering (ICO).  RAC aims to empower users with accurate real-time forecasts and statistical analyses related to the fast-evolving market of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.


The market of the crypto currencies continues to register new records seeing as the 591bln$ total market cap threshold has been surpassed. Now 26 cryptos are Unicorns having already reached a market capitalization of at least 1bln$.


 RoboAdvisorCoin’s best small cap crypto this morning was  Link Platform (LNK.CRY) with an upside probability of 59,84% and an expected return of 100%. Just today LNK gained 77,70%.
Link Platform presents its mission in the following way:” We are a firm dedicated to promote, offer and integrate Ethereum platform to any individual or corporation wanting to make a whole improvement of their business structure to join the new generation era taking advantage of this technology and surpass their competitors”. The crypto has now a market cap of $2mln and a price of 40$.