09 Jan 2018

Monaco can gain 52%

Bitcoin is again a buy for the Robot. Zcash new target price is 906.5$

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RoboAdvisorCoin is again long on the queen of the cryptos. Bitcoin (BTC.CRY) has a good short term probability of 58.63% to gain up to 24% in the coming four weeks. BTC price trend is a key factor to  monitor by all cryptos investors due to the fact that Bitcoin dominance is still 33.9%, it means that BTC market cap is equal to 33.9% of the total cryptos market cap.
Today our Robot is suggesting a medium crypto cap Monaco (MCO.CRY) a company that owns a platform to manage crypto payments by cards benefiting of cashbacks and low fees. MCO has a market cap of 229mln$ and a price of 17.55$.
RAC is still long on Zcash (ZEC) targeting a new price of 906.5$ in the short term.