27 Nov 2017

NEO, up 7% in one day, confirms its 50$ price target

Diamond +80% since first Robot's pick and suggestion

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The market of the crypto currencies continues to register new records seeing as the 305 bln$ total market cap threshold has been surpassed.

Yesterday RoboAdvisorCoin suggested NEO (NEO.CRY)  a crypto that gained well in the last month. For Robot’s artificial intelligence it could go up again double digit (41,24%) within next month with a probability of 59,71%. Now NEO price has reached 40,24$ (it was at 37,86$ yesterday) and has a target price at 50$.

Another great pick for RAC’s artificial intelligence system in the crypto arena. For RoboAdvisorCoin, which has just opened its ICO, the best crypto pick last November 17 was Diamond (DMD.CRY): “ up 57,52% last week and with a probability of upside in the coming month equal to 59,71%”; RAC had already suggested this crypto the first time on September 6 when the price was 5.49$ and on November 11 when its price was 8.08$. Diamond price is now 9.88$ it means that the crypto has gained 12% since last Robot’s pick and 80% since last September suggestion. Crypto market cap last November 17 was equal to 22,2 mln$ and its price was 8,82$. Our CryptoNews wrote:” It can have an expected return of 39% within one month”. Diamond market cap is now equal to 25mln$.