23 Dec 2017

Now Bitcoin Cash is the best crypto pick: it can gain another 57,28%

Qtum and Zcash are also interesting large cap crypto to monitor

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For RoboAdvisorCoin (RAC) artificial intelligence system the market of the crypto currencies has entered a very volatile period where stock picking is more important than ever before. 

Bright prospects for Bitcoin Cash

For the fifth time this month, our robot news focuses on Bitcoin Cash. The cryptocurrency is still promising, as already predicted in the news published on Dec 11, Dec 16Dec 17 and Dec. 20.  RoboAdvisorCoin is now forecasting  that Bitcoin Cash (BTC.CRY) will overcome Ethereum (ETH.CRY).
BCH market cap is downto 49bln$ while ETH has a total market value of 69bln$, but in the last few days Bitcoin Cash upwards movement has been impressive as previously forecasted by our Robot: +85.16% in the last month. Now, after the price correction,  RoboAdvisorCoin gives to BCH the ebst short term upside probability among all large cap cryptos and equal to 59,03%  to gain another 57,28% within the coming days.  It means that our Robot forecasts a target short term price for BCH of 4500$ and in this case it could become the second largest most valuable crypto in the world after Bitcoin.