10 Sep 2017

OmiseGo is Ethereum’s anti-bank: +219,88% in a month

The crypto token aims at 16$ and already capitalizes 1,1 billion.

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Today the RoboNews dedicated to the crypto currencies signals the twelfth amongst the major crypto currencies for market capitalization.
OmiseGo (OMG.CRY) +219,88% in the past month and +8,5% in the past week. It already has an elevated market capitalization that is superior to 1,1 billion dollars.
The crypto has as its objective that of disinter mediating  the traditional retail banks by offering payment and financial peer-to-peer services, taking advantage of the blockchain at the transnational level and is a big part of the Ethereum ecosystem.
According to the artificial intelligence of SelfieWealth’s Robot (www.selfiewealth.com), the run of the crypto currency is not over yet. The predictions in thirty days of the Robot assign it a good probability, equal to 58,26%, of seeing its price continue to grow until the start of October and up to 16%. Today the crypto is exchanged at 11$.
The worst crypto currencies because intones towards a decrease according to the Robot are: Bitmark (BTM.CRY), Ripto Bux (RBX.CRY) and Fuda Energy (FEI.CRY) that have lost, respectively, in the past month, 59,18%, 48,92% and 26,81%.
This is today’s analysis of the first RoboNews dedicated to the crypto currencies and tokens. SelfieWealth’s artificial intelligence now offers its daily predictions on the price perspectives of around 860 crypto currencies and tokens by assigning to each of them a specific expected percentage movement. It is the first Robo-Advisor service in the world that is linked to crypto-assets and has been launched because SelfieWealth retains that this is the best moment to apply the predictive algorithms of its technology to the crypto currencies. To understand better, to have improved info to utilize to decide what to do and to offer predictions and research in the short term that are useful to those interested in trading