06 Dec 2017

Populous at 17$ another great pick of our Robot

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On November 24rd RoboAdvisorCoin gave an interesting upside probability to Populous. Our CryptoNews that day wrote: “The crypto currency  recorded an impressive price increase of 212% in the last month. Populous (PPT.CRY) is  a company focused on invoice financing in the blockchain. The crypto currency’s price is now at 10$ and the market cap of the crypto is $412mln.
It has an upside probability of 59,71%  and a price target of in the area of 14$ being its volatility very peculiar”.

+70% in two weeks

Today PPT crypoto currency’s price is at $17,24 and its market cap at 711mln$. It has gained more than 70% in just two weeks.  Currently, the crypto has an upside probability of 56%. Due to these values, Populous is just another super pick and suggestion by our Robot.
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