28 Aug 2017

Qtum Suggested by the Robot on August 14th has scored +18,79% in One Week

Lunyr again suggested in the first RoboNews +12,57%.

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SelfieWealth’s artificial intelligence now offers a daily prediction on the price perspectives of around 850 crypto currencies and tokens. It is the first service in the Robo-Advisor world that is linked to crypto assets, has been launched on August 14th and offers the possibility of carrying out the first verifications.
With the Bitcoin, the mother of all crypto currencies, with a growth that is superior to 300% since the start of the year; the recent ICO of the Filecoin token that has now gathered 200 million dollars in a few hours and the recommendation of Goldman Sachs to its clients: “you cannot ignore crypto currencies anymore”, SelfieWealth retains this is the best moment to apply its predictive algorithms of its technology to the crypto currencies. To understand them better, to have better information and to offer short-term predictions that are useful to those interested in trading.
The suggested token on August 14th, Qtum (QTUM.CRY) has still gained in double digits: +18,79% in the past week. The company is focalized in the realization of a technology for decentralized services and applications in the mobile context and boasts a probability of growth in the short term that is still elevated, of 57,72%, which signals how the growth movement does not need to be considered as over.
The token Lunyr (LUN.CRY), which had also been suggested on August 14th, with a technology focalized on the valorization and on the sharing of the knowledge of a mkt cap of 35 mln $ has also grown in the past week by an ulterior 12,57% and now registers a monthly increment of 350,55%.