21 Aug 2017

The Bitcoin is still Growing: According to the Robot, it can Reach Level 4.800$ by Mid-September

Altcoin, APX and Tokes is the crypto pick of this weekend.

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The Bitcoin has already grown by 7,34% in the past week and by 78,13% in the past month, arriving almost at 4.400$, but according to the artificial intelligence of the SelfieWealth Robot (www.selfiewealth.com) the run of the crypto currency with the most important capitalization is not yet over. The predictions in thirty days of the Robot assign a good probability, equal to 56,59%, that within a month the value of the Bitcoin will reach level 4.800$ with an ulterior appreciation of 19,23% with respect to the Friday closing price of 4.000$. The crypto picking of this weekend aims on Altcoin, APX and Tokes. This was the analysis of last week on the first RoboNews dedicated to crypto currencies and tokens. The artificial intelligence of SelfieWealth now offers its daily predictions on the price prospective of around 850 among crypto currencies and tokens by assigning to each of these a specific probability of growth and a specific expected percentage movement. It is the first service in the world of a Robo-Advisor linked to crypto assets and has been launched because SefieWealth retains that this is the best moment to apply the predictive algorithms of its technology on crypto currencies. To understand them better, to have better information to utilize in order to decide what to do and to offer useful predictions and research in the short term to those interested in trading.
The three crypto currencies preferred by the Robot for probability of growth are less know to most. In first place is the crypto currency Altcoin (ALT.CRY) with a growth of 143,49% in the past week and with a very elevated volatility in front of a thin capitalization of only 2 million dollars. The currency in the past has also been utilized a hedge towards the Bitcoin.
It is also important to follow the token APX (APX.CRY) +199,94% in the last thirty days and 21,91% in the past week and with a capitalization of around 7mln$. It is an ERC20 token guaranteed by UBQ network and launched by APX Ventures as an experimental project on the blockchain. Finally Tokes (TKS.CRY), a platform linked to the project of the legalization of cannabis and with a mkt cap of 2mln$ and with a growth in the last month of 144,22 and of 8,91% in the past week. The Robot also suggests monitoring VeriumReserve (VRM.CRY), Bitswift (SWIFT.CRY) and PIECoin (PIE.CRY) with interesting possible growth movements in the following weeks.