31 Aug 2017

Today the Robot Suggests the Token Blocknet (BLOCK.CRY)

The coin Synergy (SNGR.CRY) suggested on August 24th has scored +124,19% in one week.

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Today the RoboNews dedicated to the crypto currencies signaled for their growth tendency suggests to follow the token Blocknet (BLOCK.CRY), a coin with a diffusion, or a market capitalization, superior to 105 million dollars. Blocknet is a complete platform with proprietary technology of encryption to allow the communication and the peer-to-peer exchanges among the several nodes also of various blockchains; the technology incorporates an API and an application platform that are distinctive and have been though out to allow the development of ulterior applications in very short periods of time. In the past week the token has grown by 90,44% and by 155,96% in the past month, but its upward trajectory has not yet concluded according to the Robot: the artificial intelligence assigns it a probability of 57,08% to see the price of Blocknet at 40$ within a few weeks.
It is also important to underline the performance of the crypto Synergy (SNGR.CRY), signaled as growing on August 24th by the RoboNews and that has gained 124,19% in the past week and now capitalizes around 6,2 million dollars (it capitalized around 5,5 when first signaled by the Robot). According to the artificial intelligence of the SelfieWealth Robot (www.selfiewealth.com), the run of the crypto currency is not over yet. The Robot’s predictions in thirty days still assign it a good probability, equal to 57,37% (inferior to the previous 59,71%) that within a month the value of this crypto could make an ulterior growth movement to surpass the 3$.
This is today’s analysis of the first RoboNews dedicated to crypto currencies and tokens. SelfieWealth’s artificial intelligence now offers its daily predictions on the price prospective of around 850 crypto currencies and tokens by assigning to each of them a specific expected percentage movement. It is the first service in the Robo-Advisor world that is linked to crypto assets and has been launched because SelfieWealth retains that this is the best moment to apply the predictive algorithms of its technology to the crypto currencies. To understand them better, to have better info to utilize to decide what to do and to offer predictions and research in the short term to those interested in trading.