28 Oct 2017

Vertcoin, Robot’s best pick two days ago, rises again: + 10% just yesterday

BitConnect can earn 30% in a month

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RoboAdvisorCoin, who has just opened its ICO, continues to suggest the crypto Vertcoin. The best robot pick of two days ago Vertcoin (VTC.CRY) rose by 150% in just one day and marked a 25% rise in two days; crypto earned 57% in one week and 226.14% in a month but for Robot it is still a buy.

RoboAdvisorCoin, who has just opened its ICO, today again recommends this crypto with a capitalization of about $ 170m ($ 134m when the Robot suggested it for the first time) and a price of $ 4.18. The performance of the crypto has been remarkable in the last week, but for the Robot the probability of upside remains among the best and is 56.04%. Vertcoin is a totally decentralized digital currency that enables peer-to-peer exchanges.

RAC stays long and also rushes on BitConnect reported by Robot on October 23rd. According to the Robot, one of the main crypto for market cap, equal to around 1.15bln $, also remains intoned to growth, BitConnect (BCC.CRY): + 0% e + 62.48%, respectively, in the past week and in the past month. Its probability of upside in the short term is now 56.28% (up from the previous value of 56.03%). For the robot it can earn up to 30% over the next four weeks, today it swears to around $ 213