31 Dec 2017

What a great 2017 for cryptos besides Bitcoin. Blocktix +68mln%; Experience Points +2,345,380%

Bitconnect +240,000%; Ripple +34,000%; Ethereum +9,000%

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You do not live and you do not earn just owning Bitcoins. In the increasingly varied universe of the crypto currencies, 2017 was the year of super-earnings and, above all, the year in which digital coins were imposed as an original asset class worldwide.
The crypto that has gained the most is probably unknown to most people. It is called Blocktix (TIX) and today it capitalizes around $ 43m and is worth $ 1.08. The first January last TIX was worth just 0.0000016 $ it derives that the annual gain was incredible in 2017: the crypto has grown more than 68 million times. What does Blocktix do? It connects event organizers with communities involved in them. As explained on the website: “Find or start remarkable events, let the platform do the rest. We connect event organizers with an incentivized community.
Incredible year also for KingN Coin (KNC) passed from a price of $ 0.000038 to $ 9.65. Dizzying numbers also for the bronze medal of cryptos in 2017: Experience Points (XP) today with a capitalization of $ 380mln. a blockchain premium and incentive management platform that has grown from $ 0.000000044 to $ 0.001$.
Among cryptos unicorn that behaved better in 2017, repeatedly reported last summer by our Robot, was BitConnect (BCC) that today capitalizes $ 2.4bln. Last January 1, a BCC is worth $ 0.16 today worth $ 392. It follows that the year gain was 240 thousand percent, meaning that a 1$ invested in BCC on January 1, 2017 has become $ 240’419 as of December 30, 2017. A mouth-watering rise.
Extraordinary year also for another large cap crypto like Ripple (XRP) which went from $ 0.0065 to $ 2.23. + 34,000% in twelve months. Easy to explain why today after Bitcoin XRP is the crypto that is worth more in the world with about $ 90bln of market cap.
A 2017 with the barrels also for Ethereum (ETH) able to grow almost 9,000% with the price passed from $ 7.93 on January 1st to $ 718 on December 30th. For the crypto that enables smartcontract and is the mother of all blockchain-based ICOs, this is an extraordinary test of maturity.
And for 2018? It will be the year of the final maturity of the crypto currencies that will see specialized funds and instruments take the field. But it is very probable that next year the biggest gains, once in a lifetime, will be offered above all by small caps crypto and new tokens issued with ICOs. We are talking a lot about Bitcoin but the gains today in the crypto currencies are becoming more and more being able choose the technological innovations embedded in the ICOs. 2018 will be the true year of stock picking
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