13 Mar 2018

Will VeChain grow?

Particl is the best pick of the day

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Thanks to a short-term upside probability of 55%, Particl is the Robot’s crypto pick of the day.
RoboAdvisorCoin suggests this crypto, which can still double digits in the short term reaching up to 57% after a great gain last week.

 VeChain-an interesting buy

RoboAdvisorCoin is still long on VeChain. Though the crypto’s performance was not at its top during the last 7 days, around -8.55%, it is still an interesting buy according to our robot. The crypto’s current market cap is around USD 1.99 BLN, but according to the our robot, it can gain up to 49% within the next weeks, thanks to a short-term upside probability of 51%. In fact, according to our forecasts, the VeChain’s price charges toward $ 5.1.

Who is bearish, who is bullish? Let’s ask the Robot
Here’s the robot’s forecast for the main large cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin: bullish
  • Ethereum: bullish
  • Ripple: bearish
Over the weekly reporting time-frame, Bitcoin closed at approximately 9032 $,  which means -18.94% compared to last week’s close of 10743 $, according to coinmarketcap data.