Thanks to those who participated in the first ICO-phase.

What's next?

RoboAdvisorCoin is a complex platform based on deep-learning neural networks and other modern machine learning models that elaborate several predictions. The system is designed to increase the accuracy of its predictions.
We are working on the second stage of RoboAdvisorCoin ICO that we called RoBET.

RoBET ICO starts on March 20, 2018. Follow us on the brand new website!
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The first Robo-Advisor
for sports betting forecasts

New era of Betting thanks to AI:
RoBet is a smart-contract decentralized, block-chain based ecosystem for crypto sports betting and exchange.

Are you ready for the second round?
The ICO will progress into the second round, since we are working on a new AI based product, called RoBET.

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Ready, set, bet!

New era of betting

Crypto betting

Do you love betting and cryptocurrencies? Use your ETH in order to get RAC tokens. Your contribution will be used to improve our project. You will be able to play with RAC token on the new platform.
Sign up to bet, receieve forecasts and create your own sportsbook. Define your own odds or use AI forecasts to adjust odds/risks.

Become the king of betting

Are you a sport expert? Are you interested in cryptocurrencies market? Become one of the first crypto-bookmakers!
Set up your account, define guarantees or deposits using cryptocurrencies or RAC tokens. Start betting and creating partnerships. As a player, as a bookie.

More than just betting

We are working on a brand new platform where you can play using RAC tokens, RoBet will offer more than common odds. Players can also participate in original skill games, such as roulette, last-minute bingo, etc., related to sporting events.
Participate in the ICO and help us to make it happen!


Robo-advisor for betting, RoBet:

The platform aims to offer betting services that are different from any other betting platform. It will be able to discover an innovative gaming experience in the context of cryptocurrencies and to strengthen the user's competences in the field of sports betting. Users can bet using RAC tokens as simple player, or even as bookmaker. Get your RAC tokens to help us developing our platform.

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Robo-advisor for cryptocurrencies:

The platfrom will allow users to collect, elaborate, navigate and utilize big data related to cryptocurrencies and tokens. This product has been financied in the first stage of the ICO in late 2017, and will be available for all customers in the mid 2018. Follow our daily demo services for free until the release of the new platform: cryptocurrencies news and forecasts.

Robo-advisor for traditional assets:

Since 2013 our robo-advisor, equipped with an AI based engine for asset allocation, is carrying out analysis of about 80,000 securities or different funds and all global exchanges, updated daily and historicity for a decade. Every potential investor receives a real-time response on the most optimal portfolio diversification based on its own needs, after answering a few simple questions. We offer also financial research reports. Discover more on

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